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Great Life Lessons For Children

Have you ever noticed how life has a wonderful way of placing us where we need to be, at precisely the right time? Join Patty B. and her friend Nuri as they learn a valuable lesson about the importance of Divine Time.

I hope you enjoy this book and stay tuned for other great stories from the Adventures of Patty B. series.

Seshat Ali

Great Life Lessons For Children



Patty B.

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Mr. Mack

Mama B.

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Beautifully illustrated, Seshat Ali has crafted the story of a young girl and her friend who learn that things happen just as they are supposed to. Intentionally honoring her mother while paying homage to her West African roots, this story is one of what many will hope to be the first of Patty's B.'s adventures.  

Latifa Bell, 3rd Grade Teacher

"Patty B. gives life to the sometimes elusive concept of “Divine Time”  and breaks it down so children can engage with the idea of the perfect synchronicity of life."

R. Chapman, Educator

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Patty B.  "Merch" • Coming Soon 

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"The Patty B. Tee"

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"The Nuri Tee"

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